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There are several Independent Instructors of IKYA Healing™ working all over the world. If you and your friends, colleges or acquaintances are interested, they will be happy to travel to you and to arrange IKYA Healing™ courses in your city. Just contact one of the instructors directly. 
You will find a list over all the instructors under "Instructors"

About the courses:

IKYA Healing™ Level 1 
You will learn how to heal yourself and your life, through working with spiritual light and vibration.
You will get an unique tool and knowledge about how to allow more flow in all areas of your life.  
The methode It is easy to learn, and at the same time powerful! 

You also get a wonderful set with 21 IKYA essences included in the course. 

IKYA Healing™ Level 2 

Your will learn more about healing yourself. And you will learn how to heal family and friends.

Welcome to our IKYA Healing™ courses worldwide!

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